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Practical, skill-based workshops for helping professionals, administrators and volunteers

Compassion Fatigue – Self Care

Workplace Wellness – Team Building – Conflict Resolution

We offer practical, skill-based workshops, presentations and programs focusing on compassion fatigue, self-care and workplace wellness for helping professionals, administrators and volunteers. Click here for information on forthcoming events.

We also provide in-house workshops tailored to an agency’s specific needs. Many organizations have already found this to be a cost effective way to offer professional development and deliver team building in an environment that is both fun and practical.

Watch an online video of a 90 minute lecture on compassion fatigue offered by Françoise Mathieu »

Here is a sample of some of the workshops we offer:

Walking the Walk: Creative Tools for Transforming Compassion Fatigue

This is a highly interactive one-day or half day workshop, incorporating a combination of solo, small group and whole group activities. Throughout the day, participants work through a personalised strategic plan that serves as a practical tool for dealing with the effects of their own compassion fatigue. Past participants have reported feeling inspired to make meaningful changes in their personal, professional and organizational lives in addition to learning practical strategies for identifying and dealing with the costs of caring. This workshop can also be adapted to a shorter format: 1.5-2 hour educational session.

Intended audience: Helping professionals (in the fields of mental health and general health such as nurses, social workers, physicians, volunteers, clergy, emergency workers, correctional workers, etc.), teachers, school principals, EMS and law enforcement. A modified version of this workshop can also be offered to support staff, administrators and front line workers.

The content of the workshop is always adapted to reflect the specific needs of the audience.

The one day version of this workshop was recently offered in London Ontario, here is some feedback from a participant:

“I attended the Compassion Fatigue workshop yesterday held by Mission Services.  […]  I found it to be one of the best workshop I’ve been able to attend in quite some time, I enjoyed the different tools you used such as the workbook, video, breathing exercise and the  power point presentation.  Also I greatly enjoyed the research that you provided, and practical strategies for me to start doing that day!! You had great enthusiasm and energy which kept me interested and also a great role model! Thanks!”

Compassion Fatigue Train the Trainer: 2 day Intensive Retreat

Some past participants of our one day Compassion Fatigue Workshop (Walking the Walk) expressed an interest in receiving help in designing a workshop to bring back to their communities and developing skills and the knowledge base to deliver compassion fatigue workshops themselves. This train the trainer workshop offers tools, handouts, strategies, training materials and marketing strategies to adapt Walking the Walk to your community’s specific needs (and to your own presentation style).

*Please note that prior to attending Train the Trainer, you must have attended the Walking the Walk course.

Currently, the Train the Trainer workshop is being offered three times a year in Kingston, Ontario.

Self Care: Running on Empty

Half day or 1.5 hour keynote presentation. When life and work simultaneously spiral out of control, helpers can feel adrift without a paddle. This workshop serves as a “practice what you preach” for helpers by promoting the development of an emergency self care plan and then work backwards to create a warning system so that helpers can learn to identify the signals in order to catch themselves before things  unravel. Facilitators combine humour and a deep respect for the work that helpers do in this reflective and supportive presentation.

Figuring it out: Work/Life Balance for Helpers

Competing demands have become the norm rather than the exception and individuals and families are paying the price. Increased stress levels can have negative physiological, emotional and behavioural effects.  Spend a half day actually solving the problem rather than talking about “how will you do it when you have more time”. Participants will be challenged to make meaningful and realistic commitments in their own lives and will work toward making a dent in a chosen target area. This workshop will challenge helpers to take stock of their work/life balance and implement lasting changes.

“What a great day it was! I have been receiving so much positive feedback from both head office attendees and my QWH staff. You have hit two training home runs with [our agency] and I am confident that you will be receiving future requests for your training services from some of the other agencies that attended yesterday.”

Conflict Management Services

We offer workplace assessments, group/team mediation, mediation, conflict coaching, leadership conflict coaching. Workshops on conflict management skills, effective communication and active listening, conflict in the helping professional’s workplace. All services can be modified to suit the needs of individual teams and organizations.

For a detailed description of these workshops, please email us: whp at cogeco.ca

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