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Canada’s First Mental Health Blueprint Unveiled

After five years of consultation across the country, the Mental Health Commission of Canada has released its first Mental Health Blueprint. Click here to read more.

Take the pledge of support for mental health by clicking here

Finally, listen to last Sunday’s Cross Country Checkup on CBC for a very interesting discussion on the MH Commission’s mandate and findings.

Free Cheryl Richardson Video!

View a free video with Cheryl Richardson talking about her use of EFT (emotional Freedom Technique) tapping technique, living on adrenaline and stress. To view the video, you need to provide your email address but otherwise the viewing is free. Click here for video.

A new resource: Cognitive Training Workshops for everyone


I wanted to share with you a wonderful new resource – a series of cognitive training workshops offered by my friend Nancy Salay. Nancy is a lecturer at Queen’s University where she teaches and does research in the Philosophy department and the School of Computing. Her area of specialization is cognitive science.

Nancy has 15+ years of experience teaching cognitive skills, both at universities and in the private sector.  She has long struggled with the problem of how to bridge the gap between theory and practice; Her new initiative, Do It Better is the result. Nancy is now offering hands-on workshops for teachers, health care workers and professionals in the corporate world.

Check our her three one day workshops:

Teachers: The Focused Classroom

Health Care: The Age-Defying Brain

Corporate: The Working Brain