• We help firefighters stay healthy

  • We help healthcare workers stay healthy

  • We help police officers stay healthy

  • We help social workers stay healthy

  • We help educators stay healthy

We work with helping professionals such as health care workers, police officers, paramedics, mental health professionals and teachers, helping them stay healthy in challenging environments.

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How we help

Our goal is to educate, validate and encourage supportive connections. Compassion fatigue and Vicarious trauma are normal consequences of doing a good job. Learn more about compassion fatigue.

Who we help

Health care professionals, mental health workers, child protection workers, police, paramedics, firefighters, palliative care workers, teachers, union leaders, family caregivers, and other helpers in related fields.

Who we are

Compassion Fatigue Solutions inc. is comprised of Françoise Mathieu, a certified mental health counsellor and compassion fatigue specialist and her outstanding team of associates who deliver training across the country.

Some people we have worked with

  • Sick Kids, Toronto
  • Correctional Service of Canada
  • Children's Institute, Los Angeles
  • Gilda's Place
  • Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto
  • Department of Justice, Canada
  • Police Association of Ontario
  • Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
  • Department of National Defense
  • Alzheimer's Society
  • Service Canada
  • Yukon Department of Justice

What is Compassion Fatigue?

Compassion Fatigue refers to the profound emotional and physical exhaustion that helping professionals and caregivers can develop over the course of their career. It is a gradual erosion of all the things that keep us connected to others: our empathy, our hope,  and of course our compassion - not only for others but also for ourselves.

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